Churches Uniting In Christ

Reconciling the baptized, seeking unity with justice

Suggestions and Ideas

Suggestions and Ideas for Implementing
Churches Uniting in Christ

Ministerial Activities

  • Pulpit Exchange: Invite a member of a neighboring CUIC congregation to serve on a board or committee of your church.
  • Call a minister from another CUIC church.
  • Create a ministers' association or support group.
  • Celebrate regional meetings for pastors of CUIC churches.
  • The purpose of these meetings is fellowship, networking, and to encourage common mission work and activities in general.

Opportunities for learning and growth

  • Teach about the other churches in your own education programs. Invite a member of one of the other churches to teach about his/her tradition. This could happen in a local church (bible study, Sunday school) or at regional denominational meetings (workshops).
  • Invite other churches to participate in regional conferences or educational activities.


  • National Day of Prayer.
  • Vesper service.
  • Pray for nearby CUIC congregations by name.
  • Meet to pray for the leaders in your community; invite the leaders (Breakfast Prayer Meeting, etc)

Worship Together

  • Include representatives of neighboring CUIC congregations in your baptisms, ordinations and installations.
  • Celebrate the Lord's Supper with other CUIC congregations in your area.
  • Invite other churches' choir or praise band.
  • Invite representatives to regional meetings (presbytery, synods, boards, etc).
  • Celebrate a joint Easter or Christmas service.
  • Encourage churches to celebrate the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.
  • During this week churches may celebrate CUIC and other unity related activities.


  • Raise Funds for local Social Ministry.
  • Develop joint support groups (Single parents, single, divorced people, etc).
  • Participate in joint mission trips.

Celebration of Holy Days

  • Celebrate with a community party or picnic on a holy day.
  • Celebrate a community activity on Christmas day.

Exchange of News and Activities

  • Include special activities in the other churches' bulletins.
  • Send someone to other CUIC churches to announce special activities.


  • With the help of volunteers, the churches within a community can develop a web-based CUIC announcement board.
  • Place the CUIC logo on the church letterhead and on the church sign or marquee.


  • Undertake mission projects with CUIC partners on a regular basis, especially projects aimed at overcoming racism.
  • Celebrate the Dr. Martin Luther King National Holiday.
  • Invite a church of another race to celebrate a special prayer, worship, or social activity.


  • Organize shared youth retreats.
  • Merge youth groups (where groups are small).
  • Celebrate a Youth Rally or similar gathering.
  • Promote participation in a national youth activity.
  • Encourage youth (in local congregation or in a region) to create skits or a drama to promote CUIC and church unity in general.
  • They can make presentations in denominational meetings.