Churches Uniting In Christ

Reconciling the baptized, seeking unity with justice

What You Can Do

Local expressions of the member communions of Churches Uniting In Christ are encouraged to worship, study and serve together as is appropriate, thereby realizing the unity which Christ Jesus gives his church. Opportunities for joint worship include observances of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Pentecost, Juneteenth, and Thanksgiving Day. A liturgy for local CUIC gatherings is here. A model for MLK Day is offered here. Or consider a common "Talking About Race Sunday."

Opportunities for joint study include a four session study on CUIC, offered here. Intentional study on overcoming the persistence of racism and its effects is strongly endorsed. The impact of mass incarcerations on local communities is an example of a topic local congregations might study together.

Opportunities for joint service abound in many communities. Congregations are often involved in after school programs, soup kitchens, shelters, and street ministries. CUIC congregations are encouraged to partner together intentionally as the occasion arises so that together we witness to God's loving justice and realize more fully our unity in Christ.

A variety of resources of are offered below.

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