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Voter Action Alert - November 7th

Today, is the day after Election Day.  We celebrate God at work in each of you as You Showed up and You Showed Out!

One last story to share.  Yesterday, a young sister came by our GOTV Center to the take SOMEONE to the POLLS.  Three of us left to find a 72 year old homeless lady in Gardena, CA with another volunteer on the phone at base, keeping her encouraged.  Well we found our voter, educated her on the short ride to her polling place, helped her connect with a Shelter source, exchanged contact information, then said good night, and on the way back to “base” talked about our personal journeys.  Well this young lady had family in my hometown,  in fact she was related to one of my best childhood friends.  It was a good journey that became a great one when we realized that she was Anika Noni Rose (Tatiana in The Prince and the Frog).  She left with tears of joy – having made that journey and connected with her legacy.  I did too!  

Well, today, we sign off on this journey toward Election Day 2012.  Thank you for being great travelers, some as navigators, and others in the jump seats.  Even those who lounged along the way were ready when it counted.

As we know, there is still much to do in many communities across the globe.  When the Call comes about anything that affects our brothers and sisters, you have already been oriented to ACTION on this journey, and shown the world, that we Christians know what we are called to do.

If there is SOMETHING that the Social Action Commission can do to help you make life better where you live, work, and play and pray -  CALL on us.

Now to our partners - every component of the AME Church, People for the American Way – AAMLC, and each one of you – thank you for your continued commitment to justice and human rights, and we continue with you because… the AME Church must fully identify with the poor and the oppressed in their struggle for human dignity.  That this participation in human development is not optional,  nor is it an addendum to an already crowded agenda.  It must be the very heart of the life and work of our Church.”

 Our Countdown Action Alerts have been an effort to provide you with information & resources to motivate you to be proactive during this election season. Continue to visit  to learn ways that YOU can make and difference and help!

“Jackie” Dupont-Walker, Director
Bishop Reginald T. Jackson, Chair
Social Action Commission